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Feel young again

Dr. Ari is a board certified plastic surgeon with an extensive background in both surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic surgery procedures.  Dr. Ari is a pioneer in the field and trained in plastic surgery at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.  He has over twenty-five years experience practicing in both Chicago and Indiana.   

Dr. Ari's current practice specializes in nonsurgical cosmetic procedures with a focus on facial rejuvenation.  He uses creams and fillers to restore, refresh and protect facial skin and uses Botox to reduce wrinkles and fillers for deep wrinkles. Most treatments are less than an hour and initial consultations are always free.

  ** Summer Special **

Botox: 50 Units for $480

Facial Filler - Juvederm Ultra Plus: 1 cc for $999

Good until September 30, 2018


Dr Ari can help you with any of these concerns

  1. Forehead wrinkles
  2. Crow's feet
  3. Wrinkles and lines around your mouth
  4. Sunken or flat cheeks
  5. Thin lips
  6. Discolored spots
  7. Fine lines and wrinkles anywhere on your face
  8. Look and feel younger overall

    Frequently Asked Questions

Dr Ari is board certified in plastic surgery

Dr. Ari is board certified in plastic surgery and is a member of leading organizations such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. 

Dr. Ari believes that each individual should have access to high quality and personalized care.  Through his practice, Dr. Ari uses his substantial medical expertise to provide patients a professional, friendly, and affordable means to fully achieve their cosmetic goals.  

Dr Ari's office

1950 45th Street, Suite 205, Munster, Indiana 46321

Please call 219.819.0290 to make an appointment or schedule your free initial consultation.